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Shorinji ryu karatedo is one of the most commonly practiced karate styles in Finland. The style made its first appearance in Finland in the early 1970's. The precise name of the style practiced amongst the members of our association is Kokusai Shorinji ryu karatedo.

The Shorinji ryu karatedo style differs from other karate styles by its spinning techniques, its emphasis on kicks and by its generous use of jump kicks and strikes, also characteristic of our karate style is to evade when blocking. Compared to many Japanese karate styles, our style has rather upright and narrow stances.

Kokusai Shorinji ryu Karatedo dan kollegion is admitted to the Finnish karate federations board and it has the following members:

Chairman Tuulikki Böhmisch 5. dan renshi

Secretary Hannu Sistonen 4. dan renshi

Member Soshi Yuji Matsuoi 8. dan hanshi

Member Rauno Holopainen 6. dan Kyoshi

Member Otto Karjalainen 5. dan renshi

Member Vesa Salminen 4. dan renshi