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Zen Nippon Shorinji ryu Karatedo was established by soke Tamotsu Isamu in 1955. Tamotsu practiced numerous different martial art styles, for example in China and Taiwan and studied the techniques with a focus on real battle and combat practicality. Tamotsu also aimed at developing a safe way to compete and to test the real power of the techniques.

One of the biggest influences on Tamotsu was Kyan Chotoku who was one of the most famous Okinawan martial arts masters (Tode, Okinawa-te). Kyan was known for his ability to jump and this can still be seen in Shorinji ryu karatedo techniques today.

One of the teachers of Tamatsu Isamu was Shimabukuro Zenryo, 10. dan. In some sources Joen Nakazone, the founder of Okinawan Shorinji ryu, is mentioned as Tamotsu's teacher as well.

Motomu Ikubo, Sensei 8. dan Hanshi Shorinji ryu Kartedo, is Tamotsu Isamus' student and Ikubo-Sensei's student is sensei Yuji Matsuoi 8. dan Hanshi Kokusai Shorinji ryu Karatedo.