Association introduction

Finland Shorinjiryu Karatedo Association was founded in 1996 to promote Kokusai Shorinjiryu karatedo amongst its members, and also, to encourage new clubs and people to join in the Kokusai Shorinjiryu Karatedo style.

In order to accomplish its purpose, the Association organizes seminars, arranges education for the instructors of its member clubs, and also hosts Kokusai Shorinjiryu Karatedo Championship Tournament every year. The Association also informs its members about the various events. New people can join the Kokusai Shorinjiryu Karatedo style through its member clubs, and therefore, the Association also informs where, when and how new people can join in.

Kokusai Shorinjiryu Karatedo style is also being actively trained in Russia and Latvia. The Association has also friendship clubs through Soshi Yuji Matsuoi at Japan, Italy, Switzerland, France and Sweden.

Kokusai Shorinjiryu Karatedo has its own dan board in the Finnish Karate Federation. Please find a link here. 


Member clubs

Member Clubs

The following clubs are the member clubs of the Finland Shorinjiryu Karatedo Association:

Helsinki metropolitan area:

Central Finland

  • Koshinkan ry, Varkaus

Northern Finland