Finland Shorinjiryu Karatedo Association organizes different kinds of educational events to everyone regardless of belt rank. The Association also ensures continuous training of its instructors in order to make sure that the teaching at the member clubs is at high level and follows the principles of the style.

The Association's head teacher Soshi Matsuoi and the most experienced and skilful members act as teachers and instructors at all events.

Shidandai Anssi Ulvinen 5.dan Renshi acts as Association's educational coordinator.

Instructor training 

Instructors and assistant instructors of the Association's member clubs gather together at the Instructor seminars to improve their technical skills and teaching abilities.

Instructor seminars are mainly held twice a year, in spring and in fall.

You can find the dates and places of the upcoming instructor seminars at our Events page. 

Easter Seminar and Great Summer Seminar

The Association organizes two main events every year: Easter Seminar and Great Summer Seminar. These events have a lot to offer both in technical as well as in social aspects. During the seminars you are able to practice with different kinds of people arriving from all over Finland, and also from abroad.

Usually there are practices on both Kokusai Shorinjiryu Karatedo and on Shorinjiryu Ryukyu Kobujutsu, as well as on Mugenryu Heiho. During the Great Summer Camp the Association also organizes evening get-together where participants can enjoy sauna and other social activities.

The Great Summer Seminar is the Association's main event. It is held every year, usually in mid June.

Soshi Matsuoi is the head teacher at both the Easter and the Great Summer Seminars. Many times the Association has also invited visiting teachers from our friendship clubs abroad. Kasaba-Sensei 8.dan Kyoshi Menkyo kaiden, Okinawa Shorinjiryu Kyudokan Karatedo was invited as a visiting teacher to the Great Summer Seminar of 2017.

You can find the dates and the places of the upcoming Easter and Great Summer Seminars at our Events page. 

Training for judges and competition organization officials


Finland Shorinjiryu Karatedo Association also organizes training for judges and competition organization officials specializing at Kokusai Shorinjiryu Karatedo style kata, Ippon kumite, Yakusoku kumite and boogutsuki kumite, how to assess and decide who won, or when to give points.

At the training for competition organization officials, the participants learn how to organize competition event and all tasks related to it.

Mini seminars

Finland Shorinjiryu Karatedo Association also organizes mini seminars on various topics. The mini seminars are held at member clubs' dojos. The topic for mini seminars during fall of 2017 was Oyokumite.

 Shihandai Anssi Ulvinen 5.dan Renshi acts as a teacher on the mini seminars.